Personal Training

Our clients can see and feel results almost immediately. From stay at
home moms to professional athletes, we have trained individuals of all
ages with different personal goals in mind. Unlike traditional personal
trainers, our team has advanced degrees, certifications and has been
through an extensive education process. Not only are they highly qualified
they truly enjoy working with you. In order to suit your
needs Kinetic PT offers either one-on-one or group training sessions.

One-on-One Sessions:

Personal Training, or working one-on-one with your own exercise
conditioning specialist, is for anyone who struggles with any type of
motivation when it comes to sticking with a fitness program. How it
works is simple. Book a personal trainer and he or she will be waiting for
you when you arrive. They will then take you through every step of the
workout, providing guidance, as you need it, as well as the motivation to
get the most out of your workout for the day. Having a personal trainer
will give you the maximum workout with the least amount of thinking
or hassle.

Group Training Sessions:

Group Training is available for all individuals who are looking to get into
shape and who love to work out with their friends. Working out together
gives the opportunity to motivate each other and work as a team. Even
if your individual goals are different from the others in the group, our
trainers will work so that you can see and feel your results.

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