Physical Therapy

In a warm and friendly environment, our patients will enjoy their results and outcomes.Our INDIVIDUALIZED physical therapy programs have received top accolades in the rehabilitation world. We firmly believe that specialized attention to our patients is necessary in achieving great results. Our team has consulted with over 50 professional athletes, the New York Knicks, and the New Jersey Nets. Our treatment techniques are proven to have a 90% Success Rate.

Our Treatment Specialties:

Our physical therapy team is trained and licensed to treat various diagnoses ranging from Orthopedic and Sport Injuries to Post Surgical Therapies and even Neurological Disorders.

What makes Kinetic PT’s physical therapy program unique?

Kinetic PT evaluates you as an individual and generates a treatment program specific to your needs. They are hands-on and treat your entire body as a whole instead of just focusing on one body part. You are assigned a therapist who will develop your program, work with you one-on-one to ultimately improve your quality of living by rehabilitating you. It is even possible to start feeling better in one to two visits. Kinetic PT also keeps up to date on all of the new techniques available and works to develop new ones.

The True Stretch Equipment unique to our facility

The true stretch is a kinetic tool that allows the patient to stretch in all planes of motion while preventing the risk of a patient falling. It enables the therapist to pre-position the patient to isolate specific muscle restrictions and to stretch them. The true stretch is a powerful tool in our Kinetic PT treatment style.


The Chait Neuropathic Technique (CNRT) is exclusively found at Kinetic PT. Each Physical Therapist is certified in CNRT, a series of techniques that treats the root of pain and dysfunction in the back. CNRT was created by the co-founder, Evan Chait, PT, L.Ac., and is proven to get exceptional results.

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