In keeping with our mission to deliver results by providing highly specialized and customized treatment and training regimens/programs for you in order to cultivate a future of health and well-being, we present these great resources to you. Many of the resources found within the pages of the Kinetic PT website have been developed or written directly by the Kinetic PT founder Evan Chait. We hope that by reading and understanding these resources you will better understand the value of Kinetic Physical Therapy and see that the techniques and services provided by Kinetic PT may be right for you.

Our Resources Include:

  • the Chait Back E-Book
  • Physical Therapy Prescription- Bridging the Gap
  • Sports Injuries Guidebook- A Google E-Book
  • Stop the Pain Articles- Written by Evan Chait
  • Triumph 2008 Magazine
  • Press Releases
  • Videos- educational and information videos
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